The cost is determined by quantity and type of list primarily. Generaly, let’s say a few cents per record up to a dollar. But it could be over a dollar a record for select international technology data for example, or as low as $5 cpm in quantities in the millions. Our goal is to be about half the industry average for a typical list order and we strive to win in competitive price situations.
In the average and majority of cases, this will not be true. We structured our pricing to be approximately half the industry average for common b2b data. If we are too high, then make sure you compare the accuracy guarantees, the quantity, list criteria, the data fields included and the samples to make sure it is apples to apples. Except in unusual cases where it is a niche list, or industry specialist organization that has a special list, we will usually be the lower price.
If you share the budget amount or at least the quantity you want, we will normally be able to provide a list that fits.
If you share the competitive price needed, and ensure that the comparison of quantity, selection, data fields, list criteria, data samples and quality is similar, usually we will be lower or very competitive. It’s possible that a particular niche list might be difficult to obtain and price in remote cases.
That’s fine. We provide free samples for your request. If needed you can purchase in whatever quantities you prefer as long as you understand that data pricing is mainly based on quantity so you pay more for small quantities. Also, if you plan to evaluate or test it using emailing, it is hard to get email results from small lists sent once or twice. We do provide guarantees for deliverability and other key data fields.
Not really from a practical matter. But it would not make sense for us to take orders under a couple hundred dollars for example. Also, if you plan to use the list for emailing, it is hard to get results from lists under 5,000 names at least
As a broker, we travelled the world and courted relationships with about a dozen different global sources and some niche sources, but use a confidential primary source who also has their own partners. As far as original data sources, b2b data mainly comes from attendees who register their contact info at industry and national trade shows, conventions, events, training sessions and conferences. As for b2c data, this is secured mostly from online sites where people sign up for various things by category of interest or even purchase items as part of their buying behavior.
We provide 80-85% deliverability as a standard for b2b lists, but it can go up to 90% for a little more. For b2c lists, it varies by type of list and size, but let’s say 50-70% deliverability is standard and could go a little higher for a little more or by type of list.
We have a 25 million record global b2b database, an 8 million record technology dataset, and a 1.2 million record healthcare file; we have access to an assortment of b2c data that represents hundreds of millions of records.
Standard b2b data includes SIC/industry, job title, geography and business size by revenue or employees; for technology data it also includes the brand or product set, and sometimes versions and model numbers; for healthcare data we have doctors by specialty, hospital contacts, labs, clinics, Dr. Offices and senior living facilities; for b2c data it is a variety of sorts such as common demographics like age, income, gender, etc and geography, and buying behavior or category of interests from online capture.
We guarantee 80-85% deliverability, 60-70% on phone and job title, 95% postal fields, 75% for SIC/industry and revenue or employee size. Most vendors do not disclose all this info or provide guarantees for those fields. In comparison, even LinkedIn profiles are only proven to be about 60% accurate.
We need to define ‘bad’. If you mean that the data records do not fit the list criteria request, then we provide replacements if available. If you mean data accuracy and it is outside of our guarantees, then we provide replacements for data outside the guarantee range if available. If replacements are not feasible for some reason, we will consider a refund upon review of the data and if it is provided within 30 days of receipt of list delivery.
We verify primarily through email verification software. We have two different types that are similar to BriteVerify and ImpressionWise.
Each project file is updated prior to final delivery. Overall, the master dataset is updated every couple months
There is not a straightforward answer to this because there are so many countries, each with its own set of laws that change from time to time. It is easier to say that we gather our data through various tradeshow and conference sources, partners, and online portals when people register for various activities. We do not guarantee our data is opt-in. For most countries, this is not an issue and therefore our data is compliant. It is the customer responsibility to identify the country laws for your email campaigns as the sender. To be clear, our data is compliant unless the requirement is opt-in or permission data. Most countries do not require opt-in or permission data, including the United States. Some countries are very restrictive, however, so you should be very careful sending emails to Canada, Germany and Australia.
sell to a major global data provider, who sells to a broker or reseller, who sells to a customer, who emails the data set. That is not opt-in. The reality is that there really is no opt-in anymore unless the opt-in comes directly from the recipient to the customer We do not guarantee opt-in, although some of it may be. For the United Stated, this is not a requirement for the Can Spam law. It is important to note that even if some vendor claims their data is opt-in, it is probably irrelevant because unless it is opted in from the end user customer who sends emails to a dataset, it is not opt-in anyway. So, let’s say the original source has opt-in data. But then they who does the emailing.
Typically we deliver in 2-5 business days from receipt of payment. Large projects could take 2-4 weeks. We re-verify data prior to project delivery so it is not a straight pull out of the database.
For most b2b lists, it includes about a dozen fields. We provide all postal fields, email address, contact name, job title, company info, web site, phone, usually fax, SIC, industry, revenue and employee size. For a technology list, we provide the technology product installed, and sometimes even the version or model number. For a b2c list, it is similar but without the company information, but may also include special requests such as demographic info.
Yes, all our data includes emails addresses. If we do not have one it is not included as part of your list order
Yes. We have hundreds of millions of records. Typical filters are by demographics such as age, income, gender, geography. We also have others by request for categories of interest and online buying behavior.
Yes. We have 9-11 million records of international data, probably the best selection in the industry
We have a larger data selection and quantity, with more job titles available, and a larger dataset for specialties such as healthcare and technology installed bases. All this while maintaining market-leading pricing and industry typical data quality with guarantees.
Yes. We standardly provide anywhere from a few to a couple dozen sample records for your criteria request, depending upon the quantity we have available.
ROI Outsourcing LLC is a Georgia corporation. It is composed of two executive partners who have a combined 30 years in the data industry but also 45 years in technology business development and lead generation. The partners have previously been top gun industry performers. ROI is a lead generation specialty consulting company. This includes our establishment as a top performing data services broker, and also provider of telemarketing, emailing solutions and services, and auxiliary leadgen services. We have developed business agreements with global data providers and other leadgen providers to secure the best in quality, selection and pricing for our customers, while maintaining low margins through volume production. By outsourcing our own resources, we are able to keep costs low and pass on savings to our customers without sacrificing quality. We consider ourselves the market leaders in a combination of global data quality, selection and pricing. We strive to lead in this combined category and will be aggressive to help clients wherever possible.
ROI advantages include: best value combination of quality, selection and pricing; industry experience; executive knowledge and relationship skills; responsiveness; flexibility.
ROI advantages include: best value combination of quality, selection and pricing; industry experience; executive knowledge and relationship skills; responsiveness; flexibility.
Take it one step at a time: speak with us by phone to test our knowledge and relationship skills; evaluate our communications and proposals; test a little data for free; evaluate our credibility by asking good questions.

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